5 Foods to Boost Your Spring Detox


Diet, Food, Health, Lifestyle | April 26, 2012

Purple and Red Grapes  Grapes—especially the darker colored variety—burst not only with flavor, but also with health benefits. They’re full of antioxidants and enzymes that can protect you from serious health conditions including heart disease and cancer. Additionally, a compound in grapes called resveratrol has been linked to the upkeep of strong blood vessels, breast cancer prevention, and blood sugar regulation. Be sure to munch on the fruit rather than sip it in juice form—you’ll get a higher dose of wait-slimming fiber and will avoid taking in added sugar.  Image: Thinkstock

As the weather changes, chances are you’ll be reassessing your diet and steering away from heavy winter foods. Check out these light spring options to help boost your energy this spring!

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