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Men’s Style Feature – Eddie Redmayne

New men’s style fave: Eddie Redmayne (of Les Misérables fame). He’s cuts a mean slim suit.

Also, blue suit with tartan tie/pocket square and red hair? On point!


Daily by Morin Reaches 15,000 Facebook Likes!

We’ve been so busy Christmas shopping for the holidays that we didn’t realize we passed 15,000 Likes! Have a happy and fab holiday season. We can’t wait to start off 2013 looking chic and 5lbs lighter from holiday eating! 😉

Xoxo, Daily by Morin


Art Basel Miami 2012!

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

We’re at Art Basel Miami Beach for the first time! Who’s been before? What should we expect from the art and (most importantly) the fashion?!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Décor, Fall/Winter, Food, Lifestyle | November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Daily by Morin is thankful for each and every one of you. What are you thankful for today?


Holiday Gifts for the Hostess

If you’re invited to many a holiday party this season, it’s only right to shower your (assumingly generous) hostess with an appreciation gift. Check out these delicious options that’ll make sure you’re *always* on the invite list!

Mini Snickerdoodle Cookie Tin ($25)

Colin Cowie Set of 2 Endless Bubbles Champagne Glasses ($22)

Picnic Time Circo Cheese Board Set ($32)

ALESSI Espresso Coffee Maker for 6 Cups ($350)

Emeril’s Red Marble Steaks (4) 8 oz. Aged Filets Mignon ($90)

Bodum Chambord Cast Iron Enamel Wok With Glass Lid – Red (14.5″) ($120)

Vinotemp Champagne Chiller ($148)

Gourmet Gift Baskets Bloody Mary Gift Basket ($99)

Libbey 9 Pc Mojito Set #18213 ($37)

Wine Enthusiast Barware, 2 Piece Wine Chilling Carafe ($40)

Design Imports India Ruffle & Rose Apron – Black ($31.50)

Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is almost here! If you haven’t thought yet about how you can show your mum/madre/mère/mutter/matriz/母 that you love her, it isn’t too late! Here are the top 10 gifts that mothers of any age will love. 

1. This chic tote goes with any outfit and can last through all 4 seasons.

Michael Kors 30S11Jse2L Shoulder Tote, BUY HERE, ~$248

Courtesy of

2. For the mom who needs to make work-outs as convenient as possible, a Wii fit is the best fit.

Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board, BUY HERE, ~$90

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3. Help her stay relaxed with this plush robe set.

Hotel Luxury Spa Robe & Eye Pillow Set, BUY HERE, ~$20

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4. Help her stay alert with this chic and multi-functional espresso and cappuccino maker.

DeLonghi EC5 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Maker, BUY HERE, ~$37

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5. Help her accessorize for summer with gold hoop earrings with a hint of flair.

Trina Turk Athena Gold Earrings, BUY HERE, $80

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Trina Turk Brick & Gold Earrings In Olive, BUY HERE, ~$68

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6. For the tech savvy mum, help her preserve her most recent iPad purchase (or gift?) with this sleek case.

Abas iPad Cover, BUY HERE, ~$130

Courtesy of Endless.comCourtesy of

7. Leopard is a fail safe choice for any woman of any age. Keep it classy by stickign with a leopard accessory.

Melie Bianco Deva Leopard Clutch, BUY HERE, ~$80

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8. Help her hold on to family memories forever with this digital photo album.

Digital Foci Portable Digital Photo Album, BUY HERE, ~$140

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9. Help her play around with her beauty looks with this options filled eye make-up pallete.

Tarte TEN Limited Edition Eye Palette, BUY HERE, ~$44

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10. Are you her favourite? The only way to find out is with this letter necklace with your initial on it. Will she wear yours??

Alex Woo “Little Letters” Sterling Silver Letter M Pendant, BUY HERE, ~$148

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Kitchen Organization Ideas


Décor, Lifestyle | January 2, 2011

During the naughties, eating out and taking out have become more commonplace. However, in a world where Top Chef is one of the most-watch reality shows, then you know that keeping your kitchen organized is the key to keeping your kitchen clean.

1. Functional Cabinet

Install a wall-mounted shelf to keep baking supplies off the counter but within easy reach. Double the shelf’s utility by adding hooks to hang towels, pot holders, and tools.

  • Pin up items to be kept out of sight, such as rubber gloves, sponges, and plastic bags, on the inside of a cabinet door.
  • Using hot glue, affix magnets to the back of plain clothespins, and glue the other magnets directly to the door.

2. Vintage Hutch

Vintage hutches make terrific storage for those who don’t have adequate built-in cabinetry, and they can be found at almost every antiques market.

  • Paint one to match the kitchen, and then try a complementary color on the interior.
  • Customize it by adding even more organizing tools to the inside of the doors, such as a key rack, a message board, or even a basket to hold mail.
  • Prioritize by placing everyday items on low shelves, while stashing seldom-used pieces up high.
  • Arrange like items or any collections you may have together to create pleasing symmetry.
  • Store dry goods and snacks in airtight containers to keep them fresh and discourage pests.
  • Apply shelf paper to ease routine cleaning, or use old wallpaper remnants instead.

3. Versatile Storage

Furniture that fits anywhere, such as this unit with cubbies, will never go out of style. It’s used here in a kitchen but would be just as at home in a mudroom, a crafting area, or in a child’s room to corral toys, and can easily adapt as your needs change.

  • Presentation is key with open storage. Think about what you plan to store there, and choose baskets, containers, and filing systems that will keep clutter under wraps. The wicker baskets lined up along the bottom conceal a recycling center.
  • Consider the overall balance for visually appealing results. Place larger, bulkier items toward the bottom and showcase lighter, more decorative pieces up top. Try to create symmetry by evenly distributing the visual weight on each side as well.
  • Prevent a clutter resurgence by labeling the shelves or baskets so that family members know what goes where.

4. Fabric Kitchen Storage Bags

Stash kitchen essentials in charming fabric bags.


  • Cut four pieces of fabric in two different styles. Sew the contrasting pieces together with the right sides facing out. Select the fabric for the outside of the bag, and turn the pieces so that side faces in. Line up and sew the two halves together, leaving the top open.
  • Turn the bag right side out and turn over a one-inch cuff of the contrasting fabric.
  • Punch holes in the fabric and apply grommets following the instructions included with a grommet kit.
  • Hang with S hooks.

Referenced article HERE.


Essential Organizing Tips for Small Homes


Décor, Lifestyle | January 2, 2011

If you live in NY/SF/Paris/London or any other major metropolitan city, chances are your digs are pretty small. Since you’re paying a premium to live in a great location, it’s essential to organize your home to maximize your living space.

1. Organize Furniture into Mini-Rooms

In this New York City studio apartment in Gramercy Park, design consultant Ellen O’Neill arranged her furniture to create mini-rooms within the large room.

2. Large Table for Desk and Dining

To maximize space in the studio, O’Neill uses a large farm-table as a desk, and transforms it into a dining table when she entertains. Large black wire bins stylishly store her files.

3. Open and Airy Arrangement

In this small guesthouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer arranged the furniture in the small living room away from the walls, creating an open airy feeling.

4. Multipurpose Seating

Interior designer David Kaihoi lives big in his small East Village, New York City one-bedroom apartment. He utilized furniture with multiple uses. The elegant banquette is seating both for the table and the living room. It also stores towels inside, under the seat.

5. Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

To use all available wall space and height, Kaihoi built this floor-to-ceiling bookcase. There are storage cabinets on the bottom, a spot for the television, and plenty of room for books.

6. Use Fold-Up Desks

This antique gentleman’s chest has served multiple purposes for Kaihoi: desk, bar, child’s bureau, and even a changing table when his child was still in diapers. The front of the chest folds up which hides the desk when not in use.

7. Match Colors to Open Up Space

Kristen Ewart designed this beach house on Balboa Island, California. She painted these dining chairs semigloss white to match the walls. The chairs disappear into the walls, opening up the room.

8. Hide Away Nesting Tables

Since the master bedroom is small, Ewart chose nesting tables. One can be pulled out at night, and pushed out of the way when not needed.

9. Add Closet Space with an Armoire

In the cottage bedroom, Designer Melanie Pounds designed this Ultrasuede armoire to compensate for small closets.

10. Entryway with Table/Bar

In the cottage entryway, Pounds chose this skirted console table to display books and flowers. She also uses it as a bar or serving table when she entertains, minimizing congestion in the kitchen.

11. Open Console for Larger Bathroom

Pounds decided to use this open, leggy console beneath her bathroom sink instead of a traditional closed cabinet. It makes the bathroom feel larger, with more open space.

Referenced article HERE.


Artful Ideas for Every Room


Décor, Lifestyle | January 2, 2011

Art makes for the perfect finishing touch in a home. In lieu of simply tossing a picture or gram here and there, use these design tips to help your home mimic your closest MoMA.

1. Pack a Stairwell With a Casual Collection

This floor-to-ceiling scheme works for any themed grouping—colorful kids’ paintings, black-and-white family photos, the neutral prints in antique-style frames (as shown here). Start by hanging a favorite piece at approximately eye level. Stagger the frames as you add them, placing the next one an inch or two to the right and another to the left (don’t measure—keep it loose), then above and below. Now step away and look at the wall as a puzzle. Next, fill in the blanks, item by item.

2. Use Eye-Catching Art to Create a Focal Point

To shake up convention, hang a small, bold work of art just above an ornate fireplace; it becomes part of the mantel-scape and draws attention to the architecture.

3. Create an Evolving Gallery Over the Sofa

Play around with arrangements on the floor before you hang. Start with a low center piece, then place your largest works on the ends to provide boundaries and visual weight. If you have pairs, keep them close to each other for unity. Line up the bottom edges of the display, and align the sides of the art to create crisp vertical columns of white space between the pieces. When you’re ready to move your plan to the wall, the bottom line should be about 10 inches from the top of the couch. Hang the lowest items first, starting in the center, then work your way up. Measure to leave two inches between the frames.

4. Place Large-Scale Art in a Secluded Spot

For an effortless, sophisticated vibe, lean a large piece in a quiet corner. Plexiglas won’t break if knocked over, but because big art is heavy, this is only for toddler-free homes.

5. Make a Tight-Knit Row of Sentimental Family Pictures

Gather up photos, paintings, and silhouettes in plain frames. Begin with a large item centered above a desk or a table (or simply in the middle of a wall) and at eye level. Add a piece to each side, hanging the frames close enough to touch but intentionally creating an uneven line on the top and the bottom. Continue, one on the right and one on the left, building out from the center. You can fill the width of the wall or not. Vary the subject, the medium, and the orientation (vertical or horizontal) for a playful feel.

6. Fill a Vertical Space With Colorful Framed Fabric

Mounted flea-market handkerchiefs (shown above) or silk scarves make cheery, inexpensive multiples. Uneven edges are part of the charm, so don’t make yourself crazy going for perfection. For the backdrops, cut heavy construction paper to fit the frames (use the cardboard inside the frame as a template). Iron the fabric, then attach it to the paper with one piece of double-stick tape near the top. Smooth it with your fingers and place it in the frame. Hang a series in a tall row or a square formation, depending on your space, measuring an inch or so between frames.

7. Display an Unexpected Duo

Stack an oddball pair in a narrow area (like a wall between two windows) to turn an awkward spot into a curious, inviting nook.

8. Hang a Soft, Flowy Textile

Perfect for a bed with no headboard. Pick weighty material with a sheen, like silk. Mount a curtain rod so the fabric falls about eight inches from propped-up pillows (brackets should line up with the sides of the bed); drape fabric (a runner, a shawl, a scarf) over the rod like a towel. Switch seasonally or whenever you’re in the mood.

Referenced article HERE.