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Men’s Style – Winter suits

One of the most consistent trends in menswear has been the return to classic suits. Season after season we have seen great suits for everybody type and in every price range. Add so

me flair to your suits this season by mixing in rich colors, plaids, and tweeds.

Banana Republic Tailored grey tweed two-button suit blazer: ($375)
• Banana Republic – Tailored grey tweed suit pant: ($160)
• Tallia Orange Suit, Grey Glen Plaid:$250)

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Barack Obama Elected as President!


Jobs, Lifestyle | November 7, 2012

Barack Obama has been re-elected as the next President of the United States!!

It’s Election Day – Go out and vote!


Jobs, Lifestyle, News | November 6, 2012

Who’s voting today?? Go out to your polling station and show some love to your favourite candidate!!

Don’t know where to go to vote? Find your polling station here.


Don’t forget to Vote!


Jobs, Lifestyle | October 31, 2012

I #voted! #politics #election2012 #election #nov6 #impact #change #vote


Daily by Morin is Seeking Web Intern!


Jobs, Lifestyle | April 4, 2012

Attention College Students: Daily by Morin is seeking a website intern!

I am seeking an intern to help with the site management and content editing for Applicants should be web savvy, able to take directions well and can work independently. This is an online/remote internship – you’re able to work from home.

All applicants should send 1 page resume to

• 10 hours/week (maximum)
• Unpaid Internship
• University/College credit
• Web design/web administrator experience required
• Photoshop/design skills are a plus
• Positive referral for great work


How To Work Fall’s Hottest Trends at the Office

Just because you spend 40+ hours at the office doesn't mean you should sacrifice your personal style for the office look. Here's how to translate the runway to your office. 

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Men’s Style – Corporate Friday


Fashion, Jobs, Men, Spring/Summer | June 19, 2011

Ran into a dapper fellow all dressed up for Corporate Friday at Facebook. I’m feeling the printed tie/striped shirt combo paired with a solid suit. Are you a fan?

Fab Summer Work Looks

10 Things Smart Job Seekers Do


Jobs | January 29, 2011

Work It (Day 6): If you’re on the hunt for a job in the treacherous job market, make sure your search time is well spent by following these job search techniques:

1. They realize a potential job lead could be anywhere.

Smart job seekers aren’t afraid to mention occupational aspirations to their book club, their parents’ friends or their dentist. One never knows whose golf partner might be the ticket to getting a foot in the door. Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a partner at SixFigureStart — a career coaching firm in New York City composed of former Fortune 500 recruiters — recommends putting your LinkedIn public profile hyperlink in your automatic e-mail signature. “This is an elegant way to attach your résumé to every correspondence you send. Even friends who think they know you may click through to your profile, learn more about you and perhaps think of you for a job or lead that they might have overlooked.”

2. They surf job boards for more than just open positions.

Ceniza-Levine calls job boards “goldmines” for research. “You might see companies you didn’t know before — add these to your list of targets. You might see the same requirements again and again — this indicates a standard for the job you want, so incorporate these items into your pitch and cover letters.”

3. They put adequate time and effort into their applications.

“Spend time to make your résumé the best possible written advertisement of you,” says Lisa Quast, author of “Your Career, Your Way!” and founder of Career Woman Inc., a Seattle-based career development consulting company. “Analyze the job requirements against your own skills and abilities, and customize your cover letter.”

Obviously, all correspondence should be free of errors and typos. And before sending off the application packet, look at the job posting one last time to ensure all desired material is included.

4. They do their homework.

Smart applicants know something about potential employers. From Googling a company to checking out its financial statements, they learn what they can — and use the info to enhance their correspondence.

5. They know employers do their homework, too.

“According to [a 2010] Coremetrics [study], 75 percent of companies require recruiters to research job applicants online, so you’ll want to be sure you know what they’ll find,” says Sherrie Madia, co-author of “The Online Job Search Survival Guide.” Besides thinking twice about what you choose to post, she suggests doing a Google search on your name. If you find something undesirable, try to have it removed.

6. They make their value known quickly.

“An employer gives each résumé about a three-second window of time before he decides to either ‘delete’ or read further,” says Patrice Rice, author of “How to Interview” and president of the recruiting firm Patrice & Associates in Dunkirk, Md. A smart applicant answers the question, “What can you do for me?” right off the bat with a summary of strongest accomplishments at the top of the résumé.

7. They look and act like a professional.

Simple but effective: A smart applicant arrives on time, dresses appropriately, both talks andlistens, displays confidence and minds his manners.

8. They show that they want this job.

Smart job seekers are not “tire kickers.” They focus on the needs of the employer and demonstrate how they are perfect for this particular position.

“Show enthusiasm during the job interview,” Rice says. “Always make certain that the company you’re interviewing with feels as if it is your first choice, no matter what other companies are involved in your job search.”

9. They don’t get ahead of themselves.

As much as she may be dying to know about promotions, raises and vacation time, a smart candidate doesn’t jump the gun and tackle these issues during the first interview. She focuses on landing the position, then on whether the package is suitable.

10. They ask for the position, follow up and  offer thanks.

“As strange as it sounds, you need to ask for the job,” says Catherine Jewell, author of “New Résumé New Career: Get the Job You Want with the Skills and Experience You Already Have.” “At the end of the interview, sum up your strengths, tell the interviewer that you are excited about the position and say, ‘I would really like to contribute to this company. I am hoping you select me.'”

Then, a smart interviewee keeps his name in the game with a follow-up note reiterating interest and offering thanks — knowing that a great last impression can seal the deal.

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Ladies: 10 Ways to Streamline Your Morning


Beauty, Hair, Health, Jobs | January 28, 2011

Work It (Day 5): It bad enough that most of us have to wake up early for work, you don’t want to spend more time than needed getting ready. The tips below will help you streamline your morning beauty routine so you can get in a few extra zzzs.

1. Look “Done” on the Run

(Leather headband, BUY HERE, ~$5)

No time for a blowout? Straighten the top and front sections of your hair, then pull them into a low ponytail or bun. Keep it neat by securing a headband 1 inch from the hairline.

BRLP/GSI Media, Time Inc. Digital Studio

2. Freeze Your Breakfast

Beyoncé’s hairstylist (and busy mom of one) Kimberly Kimble prepares a smoothie before bed. In the morning there’s no slicing, no blending, no mess—she just pulls the cup out of the fridge and goes. “I drink it as I’m on my way to work.” Another idea: Make a batch Sunday night and freeze individual portions in Popsicle molds (try freezer bags if you prefer to drink your smoothie; defrost in the fridge overnight).

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3. Create Your LMD—Little Magic Dress

(Diesel wool dress, BUY HERE, ~$105)

When you find a flattering dress you absolutely love, take it to a good tailor and have him replicate several versions in different colors and prints each season (some tailors will even provide the fabric). Wear a dramatic necklace or funky cuff to make each outfit unique.

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4. Ensure You’re Good to Glow

(Clarins Self-Tanning instant gel, BUY HERE, ~$33)

After you wash your face in the evening, mix a few drops of self-tanner into your night cream. In the morning your skin will have a subtle warmth to it that masks tiny imperfections, so it’s easier to slip out the door without applying full makeup.

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5. Touch Up at the Office

(Conair’s Mini Pro 1-inch ceramic curling iron, BUY HERE, ~$15)

If you have naturally wavy hair, wash it the night before and wrap it, still damp, into a bun when you go to bed. At the office, undo hair and quickly style a few pieces around the face with a mini (stashable!) curling iron. Try Conair’s Mini Pro 1-inch ceramic curling iron.

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6. Tag Your Outfits

After looking at your schedule for the week on Sunday night and planning each day’s outfit, hang the final picks in the front of your closet with DIY days-of-the-week tags.

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7. Toe the Line

(Essie Nail polish, BUY HERE, ~$5)

(Suede peep-toes, Charles David, BUY HERE, ~$98)

The quickest way to fake a spa pedicure? Change your shoes! In peep toes, the only nail that really counts is the biggest (and possibly its little neighbor), so focus your efforts there. Keeping your shoe on, apply one base coat, then one coat of color (the less polish you apply, the less likely it is to smudge). Bonus: That trendy bottle of polish you splurged on is going to last a lot longer.

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8. Edit, Edit, Edit

(Stila One Step makeup, BUY HERE, ~$14)

(Nars Orgasm Illuminator, BUY HERE, ~$20)

Separate everyday cosmetics from the ones you use only on special occasions, says organization pro Stephanie Denton. Another easy way to pare down: Embrace multitasking products. Stila One Step makeup combines primer, foundation and powder in one; NP Set On the Double Pen offers concealer and mascara; and Nars Orgasm Illuminator adds a pretty sheen to both lips and cheeks.

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9. Work Your Commute

(Nathan’s Power Shower Refreshing wipes, BUY HERE, ~$7)

(Dove Clinical Protection, BUY HERE, ~$7 for 2)

(Crease Release, BUY HERE, ~9)

Sneak in an early-morning workout (and green up your day) with an energetic walk to the subway or train station instead of driving, suggests time-saving pro Peter Walsh. No shower at the office? Pack a lightweight one-piece outfit (in crease-resistant jersey, for example) in a stylish backpack along with body wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo, and wrinkle-release spray.

10. Prep Your Purse

(Purse organizer, BUY HERE, ~$25)

Are you a chronic bag switcher? If so, a purse organizer—a removable pouch where you can store essentials like keys, cell phone, and wallet—makes it a lot simpler to do the daily transfer. Try the medium-size Cherry handbag organizer shown here in a leather Longchamp bag In a pinch use a roomy makeup bag instead.

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