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50 Shades of Grey cast announced!

After much speculation and guessing, Ana and Christian in 50 Shades of Grey have finally been cast! Dakota Johnson (daughter ofMelanie Griffith) will play Anastasia Steele and Charlie Hunnam (we’ve never heard of him??) will play Christian Grey.

Thoughts on the castings? One thing’s for sure – if people don’t know who these actors are now, they will definitely know them by first name a year from now!


Happy 15th Anniversary to Sex and the City!

It’s been 15 years (yes, FIFTEEN!) since the premiere of Sex and the City. Which character do you most identify with – Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte?


Rihanna and Chris Brown together at the Grammys



Kim & Kanye are having a baby!

Kim & Kanye are having a baby!!! The Internet just exploded! Kan’t wait for the Kardashian Kollection Kids & Maternity line!!


Daily by Morin Reaches 15,000 Facebook Likes!

We’ve been so busy Christmas shopping for the holidays that we didn’t realize we passed 15,000 Likes! Have a happy and fab holiday season. We can’t wait to start off 2013 looking chic and 5lbs lighter from holiday eating! 😉

Xoxo, Daily by Morin


Gossip Girl Series Finale!

The Gossip Girl series finale will be premiering in just a few short hours! Remember way back when this promo was banned for being too provocative? Not too many people would bat an eye at this today! What will you miss about GG??



Rihanna, GQ’s Obsession of the Year

You asked for it – here’s the full editorial of Rihanna in GQ’s Obsession of the year feature. Can you say – hawt??

Rihanna and Kate Moss Take on V Magazine

What do you get when the fashion’s top supermodel takes on music’s bad gal?? Some serious sexy!

How to Get Your Best Night’s Sleep


Health, Lifestyle, Sex | August 30, 2012

In today’s busy world, getting proper rest can be challenging and even impossible for some. If you’d like to get your recommended 8-9 hours of sleep tonight, here are some great tips to follow. Referenced article here:

Lindsay Lohan duffs her duds for Playboy Magazine

Everyone’s favourite hollywood wild child has now embarked on her latest project: a reported $1 million spread for Playboy. Hugh Hefner definitely likes his blonds so Lindsey donned a Marilyn Monroe style wig and posed to her provocative max. One things’s for sure: this girl is STACKED!

All images owned by and courtesy of Playboy.