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Happy new year from Paris!


Holiday, Lifestyle, Travel | January 11, 2014

Happy new year from Paris!! ️ you all!!!




Off to Paris!


Fashion, Lifestyle, style, Travel | August 10, 2013

DbM is taking a well-deserved summer vacation traipsing through Paris and the south of France. I’ll definitely miss you and can’t wait to get back into fashion week when we’re back. Until then, stay chic!

See you in two weeks!

Daily by Morin


Summer Holiday Time!

Hi DbMers! Daily by Morin will be taking a break for some time while we head out on holiday to (where else?) PARIS! Hope you guys are having a safe & chis summer. See you the again on August 13th!


Holiday Gifts for Jetsetters

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s always on the go, check out this great assortment of holiday gifts that’ll make any trip super chic and comfortable!

DKNY Crocodile-effect patent-leather iPad case ($62.50)

J.Crew Cece studded suede ballet flats ($138)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Supersonic Snake Travel Wallet ($138)

White + Warren cashmere travel wrap ($295)

MAJE Blackberry wide brim hat ($110)

Madewell Spotted snowfall Sleep Mask ($26)

Diane Von Furstenberg Colletta 4 Piece Luggage Set ($353)

Persol Men’s 0PO2988S Round Polarized Sunglasses ($202)

ETA Dreamer – Microbead Travel Pillow ($15)

Etienne Aigner Jacquard Duffle Bag ($80)

Men’s Style Tip of the Week!

WHAT: Banana Republic Weekender Bag
WHY: This multi-functional bag can take you anywhere from the gym to a weekend trip with your special lady. (It’s also rated 4.5/5 for durability!)
WHERE: ($198)


Clothing Travel Must-Haves


Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping, Travel | January 1, 2011

The holidays are looming, so chances are that you’ll be taking one (or more) trips in the next couple of months. When you travel, you want to look stylish yet feel comfortable. Take a tip from your favorite jet-setting celebs to soar the skies in style.

1. Neutral Trench, BUY here

Beyonce warded off the airport chill in a stylish lightweight anorak. No need to strain your suitcase—an all-weather tan coat in a waterproof fabric will go with everything in your vacation wardrobe.

2. Worn-In Jeans, BUY here

Nothing says comfort like ultra-soft, worn-to-perfection denim. If choosing a skinny style (a la Kate Beckinsale), look for a pair with a little stretch for maximum ease.

3. Maxidress, BUY here

Miranda Kerr skipped tight waistbands and chill-inducing high hems with her airy and feminine choice. Just look for a dress that clears the floor by a few inches—you don’t want to risk tripping while on your trip.

4. Leather Jacket, BUY here

Halle Berry stayed cool and warm in a fitted leather jacket. Pop one on over a featherweight sweater for the flight and rest easy about luggage charges—if the jacket is on your back it can’t weigh down your suitcase!

5. Colorful ScarfBUY here

Leighton Meester perked up basics with a cute print pashmina. This multi-purpose piece can also act as a shawl, blanket, pareo or pillow.

6. Striped Top, BUY here

A knit top in a classic Breton stripe wears like a sweatshirt without looking like, well, a sweatshirt. Rachel Bilson paired the fashion-forward piece with a blazer for a stealthy-cozy outfit with lots of style.

7. Bright Flats, BUY here

Bold ballet flats a la Camilla Belle add instant style to understated separates. Bonus: slip-ons are a lifesaver when negotiating security and perfect for stashing under the seat on the plane.

8. Oversize Tote, BUY here</a>

With go-anywhere sleek styling and plenty of room for necessities, Reese Witherspoon‘s carryon is the ideal alternative to a schlumpy backpack. Choose one in durable leather to keep your stuff extra protected.

Referenced article HERE

Best and Worst Airlines for Travel Within the U.S.


Travel | January 1, 2011

If you’re traveling within the 50 US (Contiguous and not) states, use the guide below to help you determine which airline(s) are the best options for an easy flight.

1. Southwest


  • On-time flights: 81.14%.
  • Once you’ve figured out how to check in online, you have a lot of choices.
  • You can change your plans easily, without fare penalties, you get 2 free checked bags, and with the early bird option (for $10/segment) you’ll probably get good overhead bin space.
  • Great for short haul efficiency


  • To get prime seating on Southwest, you are required to check in extremely early to get a good ticket.
  • Little to no onboard service
  • Older planes with few passanger amenities

2. JetBlue


  • On-time flights: 78.23%
  • Offers a free checked bag which ends up costing you less with top notch service.
  • Stops at all major hubs (NY, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, LA)
  • Televisions in each seat with cable programming


  • Only the 1st bag checked in is free (See Southwest)
  • You have to pay for additional legroom

3. Virgin


  • Incredible customer service and amenities
  • Convenient and easy booking (
  • 70lbs checkin luggage limit
  • Unbeatable “cool” factor, even in coach, including a wide roster of foreign and domestic films, as well as satellite TV on demand


  • Costs $$ to check all bags
  • Minimal legroom

4. American


  • On-time flights: 78.44%
  • Has a ‘dedicated’ American area (in the “T” / Terminal gates), including super-fast baggage claim and easy entrance/exit from most airports
  • Cheap fares on direct flights (i.e. ATL <> NYC/LaGuardia)


  • Minimal in-flight entertainment options
  • Weak frequent flier rewards program

5. Delta


  • On-time flights: 77.71%
  • Modern in-flight entertainment system


  • Expensive flights
  • Costly food

6. US Airways


  • On-time flights: 82.67%


  • Older planes
  • Seemingly random hubs (Charlotte, Washington DC, Phoenix)
  • Charge up to $100 per bag if checked in at the airport

7. United


  • On-time flights: 83.60%


  • Antiquated entertainment system
  • Poor aircraft maintenance
  • High frequency of diverted flights

*Airline on-time stats from RIAT (Research and Innovative Technology Administration and were collected from August 2009 to August 2010.

20 Travel Must-Haves Under $20


Shopping, Travel | January 1, 2011

Travel ain’t cheap. With flights, hotels, rental cars, the bills can add up pretty quickly. If you’re on a budget, check out these wallet-friendly travel must-haves before you embark on your next journey.

1. Bright Luggage Tags, BUY here

These eye-catching I.D. tags will help prevent baggage claim mishaps.


2. Clear Product Bottles

Don’t risk having your must-have creams, gels and lotions confiscated at security; instead transfer them into these containers sized for the friendly skies.

3. Cozy Grandpa Cardigan, BUY here

A thin cotton sweater is just the thing to keep you warm on a chilly plane, and it’s light enough to stow in your carry-on after landing.

4. Utility Carry-On, BUY here

If the classic Bean Boat and Tote is just too preppy for you, try this olive-colored update; like the original, it fits everything you need for a weekend away.

5. Chic Neck Scarf, BUY here

Layers are key when going from a freezing plane to a steamy taxi line, and this thin, summer-weight scarf works equally well with a sundress or cutoffs.

6. All-in-One Makeup Palette, BUY here

Packing is a snap when everything you need for a pretty face is in one easy-to-stash compact.

7. Stylish Music Player, BUY here

These bright little MP3 players are perfect for the beach—they cost just fifteen dollars a pop, so you don’t have to obsess about keeping them 100% sand-free.

8. Healthy In-Flight Snack, BUY here

These tasty, nutritious treats (which, despite the name, aren’t just for mothers) will stave off hunger in the event of an unexpected flight delay.

9. Pretty Eye Mask, BUY here

Cute eye shades offer instant cover, allowing you to catch some ZZZs in transit.

10. Glamorous Oversize Shades, BUY here

Go incognito (or hide your travel-weary eyes) in these flattering frames.

11. Luxe Elixir, BUY here

This moisturizing mist promises to smooth skin and tighten pores; re-apply in-flight to fight the ill effects of dry, recirculated air.

12. Straw Fedora, BUY here

A super-cute straw hat stylishly protects your scalp from the sun’s damaging rays and camouflages bad travel-hair days.

13. Refreshing Body Wipes, BUY here

Portable, individually packaged towelettes smell nice and kill germs naturally, thanks to high-quality pure essential oils.

14. Colorful Passport Cover, BUY here</a>

A cute leather holder will keep your passport in perfect condition.

15. City Guide App,

Download an informative virtual guidebook straight to your iPhone, and you won’t have to miss a thing.









This cheerful orange cross-body bag leaves hands free for luggage—and your boarding pass.

17. Perfume Roll-On, BUY here

A tiny vial of perfume is petite enough for your carry-on, and the roll-on construction makes for easy re-application.

18. Luxurious Cashmere Socks, BUY here

The exit row can be a bit breezy on bare ankles and sandal-clad feet; pack a pair of these soft socks to keep your tootsies toasty.

19. Travel-Size Makeup Brushes, BUY here

Petite cosmetic brushes—and a coordinating case—are perfect for a glamour girl on the go.

20. Packable Ballet Slippers, BUY here

These fold-up flats are perfect for a night in a new city; you can stash them in your purse, and switch out your high heels if you decide to dance until dawn.

Referenced article HERE


How to Pack Efficiently


Travel | January 1, 2011

I don’t know a single person who gets excited about the thought of packing for a trip. Before you set off, check out the best ways to pack efficiently and lighten your load (and stress).


  • Buy a suitcase with a lot of different compartments. Each pocket can house a different bundle of items. One pouch can hold toiletries and first-aids products. Another can carry personal items like passports,  identification and traveler’s checks. This way you’ll be better organized and will save time later on from searching for necessary items.
  • Check out the weather at your destination(s) before you go. Is it going to rain? Pack a rain suit or something that can get wet and dry quickly. If it is going to be hot, pack shorts. Always pack a bathing suit if you’re going to a hot destination.
  • Plan each day in advance. This will help you decide how many pieces of clothing to take. Too much and you will regret carrying everything. Too little and you will have to spend extra money. Remember that you may have to change your clothes during the day for some reason, so bring some extra.
  • Try to pack all of your belongings in a luggage carry-on. Not only will it be easier to travel with but you’ll be able to keep track of it at all times. It won’t be thrown around or get lost so you’ll have less to worry about and spend more time eagerly anticipating your trip.

Smart Packing

  • Pack fragile items in the center of your case. This way, they are less likely to be broken.
  • Pack tightly. Roll your clothing, and use reusable compression bags to save room. Stuff underwear, hose, and socks into small spaces (like the insides of shoes) that would otherwise go unused.
  • Adopt a uniformlike mentality by wearing onto the airplane the blazer or suit they’ll need at their destination. Select garments that travel well.
  • Put dress shirts on top so that you can remove them easily for hanging and ironing.
  • Pack bottom to top, back to front starting with the bulkiest items and filling in around them with your medium and smaller sized items. Look for unfilled nooks and crannies and pack them with any items that will fit.
  • Make sure that the lightest items are placed at the top or packed between sturdier objects so they are not crushed or damaged.

Toiletries and amenities

  • Find out what amenities the hotel already has, i.e., robes, hairdryers, shampoo, and don’t pack those items.
  • Buying travel-sized toiletries is a big space saver, but some products can also have a variety of different uses. For example, conditioner isn’t just for making hair silky smooth. It can also double for shaving cream in a pinch.
  • Be sure to include toiletries, medications and valuables such as jewelery in a separate traveling case which you can stow away in an overhead cabin.
  • Remember to wrap your liquid toiletries in plastic to prevent any leaks.
  • Put shoes in a plastic grocery bag so your toiletries don’t get dirty. (Just to be on the safe side, even if your toiletries are in a separate bag.

21 Ways to Travel in Style


Lifestyle, Travel | January 1, 2011

Now that you’ve learned how to travel frugally, step up your game a step or two (or five). Take a peek at products below to help you travel like a (Saudi) royal.

1. Luxe Luggage, BUY here

Fashionable jet setters love making stylish statements and rely on this well-known monogram canvas piece from Louis Vuitton as a travel must-have. Meeting regulation size, it’s the perfect fit for the overhead compartment.

2. Personalized Accessories, BUY here

From luggage tags to passport covers, these brightly-hued pieces stylishly mark your bag and carry your essentials. Upgrade these customizable pieces with your initials.

3. Jewelry Roll, BUY here

Don’t arrive at your destination with your favorite necklaces in a tangled mess. Use a jewelry roll to keep all your baubles in place while en route.

4. Pet Carrier, BUY here

Whether you are toting your doggie or kitty, let your furry friend travel first-class.

5. Vanity Case, BUY here

Store your toiletries properly to avoid annoying spillage with this brightly hued vanity case. Its retro design will make you feel like an old fashioned movie star.

6. Passport Holder, BUY here

Store your passport stylishly with this stunner.

7. Japan Sento Set, BUY here

Inspired by the beauty of Japan, this luxe Red Flower set includes a travel-size body wash, scrub, hydrating mist, body oil and body cream. Celeb fans of the Japan Sento collection include Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudsonand Matthew McConaughey.

8. Customizable Containers, BUY here

Keep your beauty regimen in tact while traveling using the Empties set by Bobbi Brown. This handy container collection comes with self-adhesive labels to note their contents.

9. Glam Wipes, BUY here

Stars like Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Bell, and Rachel Bilson stay fresh-faced with these cleansing wipes. The on-the-go sheets remove makeup and impurities while moisturizing and soothing your skin with chamomile extracts, leaving your face soft and smooth.

10. Spa Facial Set, BUY here</a>

Celeb beauties like Naomi Campbell, Faith Hill and Sienna Miller indulge in the cooling effects of Lisa Hoffman’s products. Why not give yourself a an in-flight facial to rehydrate skin.

11. Brush Set, BUY here

Stash this mini brush set in your carry-on for easy touch-ups. The set, by makeup-artist Laura Geller includes seven brushes and a black mesh bag.

12. De-Puff Eye Gel, BUY here

No need to worry about about red-eye flights with this helpful eye treatment that will de-puff bags in a flash. Frequent flyer Heidi Klum is a fan of Dr. Wexler’s line.

13. Shampoo Spray, BUY here

If you’ve got a long flight ahead, freshen up your locks with this shampoo spray from Oscar Blandi. Celebs like Jennifer Garner , Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel , Kelly Ripa, Michelle Tractenberg and Faith Hill manage their shiny tresses with this spray when they are sans wate

14. Cashmere Wrap, BUY here

Half blanket, half outfit maker— this cozy dip-dyed scarf packs some serious style for the plane.

15. In-Flight Read, BUY here

For a good in-flight read, check out “The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World” by Eric Weiner. This foreign correspondent jet sets to the world’s least happy places and shares his encounters.

16. Cozy Accessories, BUY here

You may just enjoy a red-eye if you have a coordinating cashmere set like this one from White + Warren that includes a blanket, eye mask and slippers.

17. Entertainment System, BUY here

Whether you’re getting in the mood for your Italian getaway with Roman Holiday or just passing the time with some tunes, this iPod and DVD player will keep you entertained from take-off to landing.

18. Sounds of Silence, BUY here

Create a serene environment by blocking out buzzing, crying and whirring during your flight with state-of-the-art Bose headphones.

19. Black Blazer, BUY here

Try this tailored black jacket for a polished appearance no matter how long your flight.

20. Oversize Shades, BUY here

No celebrity is seen at baggage claim without designer shades. Opt for an oversize style to camouflage tired-eyes and dry skin.

21. Custom Compact, BUY here

Design a compact of all your makeup essentials—blush, lipstick, bronzer and concealer—for a convenient touch-up when the captain announces your descent.

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