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Victoria’s Secret Launches a High End Line!

Check out the whole collection…which is your favourite??

Alessandra Ambrosio announces her pregnancy on Facebook!

Congrats to Alessandra Ambrosio on her 2nd pregnancy! Who looks this amazing in a bikini while pregnant?? Supermodels having it! That means she’ll only have 6 months to get ready for next year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Can’t wait to see how amazing she looks!

Hear more from her at:

Doutzen Kroes Does a Striptease to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’

Look out Mariah Carey! There’s a new sexy Christmas blonde in town. Watch Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes dance a (very cheeky) faux striptease to Mimi’s ” ..All I want for Christmas is you.. <3” classic song. After seeing this, what do YOU want for Christmas??


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Airing Tonight!

Don’t forget to tune into the Victoria’s Secret – Fashion Show tonight! It’s airing at 10pm on CBS on both coasts. Don’t forget to set your TiVos and stick your tongues back in your mouth.

I have a feeling that I’ll see a lot of you in Spin class tomorrow after taking a look at Adriana LimaAlessandra Ambrosio, and Miranda Kerr in their itty-bitty lingerie. 😉

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2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show has come and gone…and left us mortals in the wake of audaciously beautiful models and extravagantly expensive lingerie ($2.5M) bra!. If you can’t wait to watch the show when it airs on CBS on Nov 29, check out images of Adriana, Alessandra, Joan, Chanel…and newcomer Karlie!

Daily by Morin & Ciara Unite: Lace It Up

Ciara shows that all it takes to strut a red carpet look is a hot black lace number, sky high Christian Louboutin pumps and a whole lotta hairspray. Who’s ready for the weekend?? Daily by Morin sure is. 🙂

Victoria's Secret Angels in British GQ

For the Gents: Victoria’s Secret just released SIZZLIN’ photos of the Angels in British GQ! Who is your favourite: Candice? Lily? Lindsay? Erin?

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2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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I got the chance to attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show on November 10 in NYC. Below are musings and thoughts about the event and models. Of course, pictures can be viewed HERE.

Entry: Pink carpet! Victoria’s Secret logos! Light shows! Bodyguards and hunting dogs?? It’s just a fashion show, people.

Venue: Wow, everything looks so much bigger on tv!! The runway was much shorter than I expected and the venue (69 Armory) only held about 300 people. These are some coveted seats!

Coatcheck: Male models were hired to direct guests to their seats and collect their coats (No tip jar, this is not the 40/40 club).  “May I take your coat? Yes, yes you may!”

Seats: Presentation was definitely key. Seats were pink cushion and seat numbers printed on gold gilded paper. The invite was also very classy and chic. Finally the Victoria’s Secret folder with model set list completed the collection.

Runway: Glittered layers upon layers of gold sprinkles. One man apparently meticulously spent hours layering the runway, only to have it ruined by the very first model (Adriana!) sashaying in her 6 inch high heels.

Accessories: Shoes were designed by Guiseppe Zanotti and they added an element of new-age fashion to the  otherwise more traditional (and skimpy) looks.

Katie Perry: I’ve heard her live before (unimpressed) and was preparing to be disappointed. She did two sets (Fireworks then a medley Teenage Love and Hot & Cold) and she actually wasn’t half bad. Her cartoon camp attitude injected some fun and sass into the show, perfect for the Angels to strut.

Akon: Can we say “Autotune lipsync??” Ugh, the worst of both worlds. No thanks.

Alessandra: My favorite Victoria’s Secret model, she sashayed the hell outta that runway. Love her!

Adriana: Having a baby did her a favor because now her body has gone from spindly to bangin! She definitely has a booty that JLo should watch out for and she wasn’t afraid to show it. Go mama!

Rose Huntington-Whiteley: A size 0 with cellulite?? I guess she’s still like the rest of us…well, not me 🙂

Angel wings: Honestly, I felt a bit bad for some of the models who were harnessed with wings. While they look majestic on screen, the models looked like they were in incredible pain. Not sexy.

Selita Ebanks: She left Kanye for long enough to make an appearance! Unfortunately, she was not in the phoenix bird costume she donned for Runaway but she still looked fab!

Closer: I love it when models come together to dance on the runway! I did feel a little bad for the non-Angels though, they’re at the edge and no one really cares to see them. Oh well, I came here for Adriana and Alessandra!

That’s all folks, until next year…(fingers crossed!)