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Happy Lunar New Year!

To everyone who’s celebrating…. Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s to the year of the Dragon:

Best Sports Bras for Every Fit

As you head to packed gyms to start your new year’s resolutions, make sure your “girls” are outfitted in the most supportive and comfortable sports bras for your shape and size.


A-Cup with Padding
A bra designed to give athletic beanpoles a more feminine shape, the Handful Bra ($40) features a simple X-back, removable pads, and thin straps. Smaller testers appreciated how the Handful helped them fill out their tank tops without sacrificing performance. “I loved it,” said one A-cup tester. “Now I don’t look like a 13-year-old boy.”

Image: Karen Pearson

Handful sports bra:$40)


No Padding, Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Runners with short or long bodies can customize the straps of the Asics Cross Back Bra ($40). The back straps and chest band, which stays anchored, work together to minimize bounce. “I didn’t notice the bra at all,” said a 34B. Another tester, after a five-miler, said, “The fabric is light and cool, but the bra doesn’t put too much on display.”

Image: Karen Pearson

Asics Cross Back Bra: ($35)


No Padding, Adjustable Torso
With an under-the-chest band that adjusts from both sides, the supersoft Patagonia Switchback ($59) is a godsend to athletes who have broad or narrow rib cages. “It’s easier to get on than it appears to be,” said one tester, who was initially unsure of its user-friendliness. Testers raved about the amount of coverage and support the bra offered.

Patagonia Switchback bra: ($59)


T-Back Bra
The Nike Victory Shape Sports Bra ($42) is an effective T-back for the C/D crowd, thanks in part to the tightly woven fabric around the bust. “Nothing moved,” said a C-cup after a four-miler on the treadmill, also citing the reinforced, no-give shoulder straps. The bra’s molded cups use lightweight foam to keep things modest without trapping extra heat.

Image: Karen Pearson

Nike Victory Shape Sports Bra: ($31)


Compressed Look, No T-Back
Although the inner lining of each cup on the CW-X Versatx Support Bra ($65) features a starlike web that holds things firmly in place, the bra “has a little bit of a squish-them-in factor,” said a D-cup tester. Still, she loved the snug feeling once she clasped the three-hook closure. “The bra didn’t jiggle and left no strap marks,” said another tester.

Image: Karen Pearson

CW-X Versatx Support Bra: ($65)


Sports-Bra Look, No Compression
With its V-shaped mesh through the center of the chest for venting and thick, gel-lined shoulder straps, the Champion Double-Dry+ Spot Comfort Full Support Sports Bra ($45) puts the emphasis on comfort. “The more I ran, the happier I was with this bra,” said a 38D. Other D-cups hoped for a little less jiggling.

Image: Karen Pearson

Champion Double-Dry+ Spot Comfort Full Support Sports Bra: ($45)


Non-Sports-Bra Look, No Compression
The seam-free, contoured cups of the Moving Comfort Luna ($52) provide a clean non-sports-bra look. It fits under form-fitting tops (“Shapely without being too busty,” said a 36C) and performs capably. “No chafing, and it wicked very well,” said a 38D. Testers liked the hold of the three-hook closure and adjustable shoulder straps.

Image: Karen Pearson

Moving Comfort Luna: ($52)


Minimal Material
Where many bras for this size are akin to straightjackets, the Anita Active Extreme Control 5527 ($66) is sleek yet still provides ample support. “I liked the reinforced cups,” said one tester, a 32G. “They were just thick enough to feel supportive.” Testers were also fond of the four-hook back closure. “I made it tight and was blown away by how good it felt,” said a tester after a six-miler.

Image: Karen Pearson

Anita Active Extreme Control 5527: ($66)


Highly Adjustable
With customizable straps and two back clasps, the Shock Absorber Max Sports Bra Top ($69) offers a comprehensive dial-it-in fit. “The second back clasp is challenging to get closed,” said one 32FF tester, “but it’s worth figuring out because it locked me in so well.” Another 38DD reported the bra “didn’t move or chafe and supplied lots of support.”

Image: Karen Pearson

Shock Absorber Max Sports Bra Top: ($59)


No Adjustments Necessary
“Finally a simple, slip-on bra for a larger bust,” said a grateful 34DD when she saw the Lynx Sports Bra ($53). “Can’t wait to try it during a really long run.” The racer-back bra’s firm hold comes from thick straps and tightly woven polyester panels. A few testers noted that the bra smushed two boobs into one, yet they loved its grip.

Image: Karen Pearson

Lynx Sports Bra: ($53)


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Happy New Year from Daily by Morin!

Happy New Year from Daily by Morin! Hope your 2012 is filled with love, prosperity, success….and a great closet!

This awesome photo was created by Deepak, one of DbM’s superfans…thanks!



What Are You Doing New Years Eve? by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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