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Rihanna Performs Hits on Saturday Night Live


Rihanna hit the Saturday Night Live stage last night with a medley of Birthday Cake/Talk That Talk. You can totally tell this girl is having fun with her life and not taking things too seriously. Love her attitude!


Here’s Rihanna‘s 2nd performance at Saturday Night Live of “Where Have You Been?”. This set is amazing and I love the choreography!



Rihanna debuts “Where Have You Been” Video!

Rihanna just shot down her competition once again with this thrilling and free-spirited video for her “Where Have You Been” single. Watch:

Who knew Riri could move like that?? I love the fashion options, that see-through sequin dress is amazing! Kohl-rimmed eyes à la the Middle East are a good look too. What’s your opinion?

Wheeeere haaavee yoouuu beeeen??


Rihanna and Chris Brown Remixing Each Others’ Songs!

Rihanna and Chris Brown are messing with the world right now….they just remixed a version of the other’s song. First up, CBreezie does a remix of Riri’s song “Birthday Cake”. And today is her birthday!!

Seriously planned PR move going on here. Riri’s remix coming shortly….


ANNNDDD….here’s Rihanna appearing on Chris Brown‘s song. What say you? Is this a smart or silly move for them to tease the world like this?


Happy Rihanna for President Day!

Today marks 2 important holidays: Presidents’ Day and Rihanna‘s birthday! I couldn’t separate the two so I’m just going to put it out there…Rihanna for President??

Rihanna Launches “You Da One” Video!

Rihanna just gave her Navy an early Christmas present…a video for “You Da One”! I haven’t seen so many crotch grabs on one video since Michael Jackson‘s Black & White video. Come to think of it, this video was shot in black and white…subtle homage?

Digging the allusion to A Clockwork Orange at 1:48…who else caught that??


Rihanna debuts WILD video for “We Found Love”


Fashion, Music | October 20, 2011


WOW, Rihanna just took things to a whole new level with her new video for “We Found Love”. From the crazed sexual undertones, to the illicit drug use to the abuse themes, it’s only a matter of time before this video is censored somewhere. The relationship with Chris Brown was definitely the inspiration for this video. Thoughts on the dark undertones?


Rihanna – Sexiest Woman Alive!


Fashion, Music | October 11, 2011


Rihanna was just voted as the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine. This picture is definitely selling the title! What say you…do you agree with the selection?

New Music! Rihanna ft Calvin Harris – We Found Love


Lifestyle, Music | September 26, 2011


In case you haven’t been glued to the radio, Rihanna has a new single: “We Found Love”. 30 seconds into my first listen…and I was hooked! Stay on top of new music by connecting to Just Do Hits.

What do you think of the new single…love or loathe?

Listen here:

Rihanna’s uber sexy campaign for Armani!


Fashion, Music | September 20, 2011

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All images courtesy of Armani.

Freestyle Music Friday: Rihanna – Cheers (Drink To That)


Music | August 26, 2011

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Happy Friday! Rihanna‘s new vid for “Cheers (Drink To That)” is very apropos to start out the weekend. I love the documentary style and that Riri FINALLY gave us a sneak peek of who really is – a simple from Barbados who likes to have a good time! Who’s “Drinking to that”??